Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant has revolutionized the way how one can look earlier it was not possible for bald patients to even think of getting their hair back and but with the advent of this process , wider possibilities have been opened for patients suffering from baldness. In todays time it is considered one of the most important development of the last century in the field of medical science.

Hair transplant started very early in 19thcentury ,but it has gained momentum in last decade because of refining of the process of extraction of grafts. Ultra FUE is a revelation in that aspect as it is the most advanced, most sophisticated and safest method of extraction of hair grafts from the donor area.

Now patients want more permanent method for hair loss and hair transplantation is the process they can ask and rely upon. At Úlan hair & skin clinic we have developed the most refined process of extracting hair follicles from the donor areas without leaving a mark in safest way posiible which is ULTRA FUE.