Home remedies for worms in cats

Home remedies for worms in cats

There are people who love pets much and have dogs and cats at home. For such pet lovers, the disease to a pet can be a big headache. For these both types of pets, the warms can be much dangerous. The worst part is they are quite common in cats as well as dogs.

Cats experience a wide range of problems and worms. There will be parasites in the cat’s litter box, and worms in cats can be stopped with the help of home remedies. It is little difficult to understand the pets if they act weird or unnatural. Once worms in cats are identified, these home remedies can be tried, and if still no luck is seen, then a doctor can be consulted. They are easy to carry out and cost effective also. These remedies are available at home only, and one does not need to search them in themarket or spend hefty amount behind them.

worms in cats

  • Raw pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in anti-parasitic properties and hence using this remedy on cats will help kill the larvae and any adult parasites present in the cats. These can also prevent further occurring. Combining both the cat’s food and pumpkin will help in fighting the parasites in the intestines. To use this, one must get 1 cup of raw pumpkin seeds and mix it with wet cat’s food and give this to thecat for 21 days. Be patient and keep on checking the results to have the remedies continued.

  • Practice good litter box hygiene 

The litter box contributes a major part when it comes to worm infestation. If one or more cats are at home, the litter box is likely to get affected by worms. Maintain a good and clean litter box, and it will prevent the spreading of worms in cats as well as promote good hygiene among the pets. Litter boxes can be washed using bleaching powder. After each time the cat has defecation it has to be removed.

  • Garlic and apple cider vinegar

Garlic, as we all know it, has antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities, but many people are not aware that it is also a parasite fighting agent. When the cat consumed garlic, it will eradicate all the bacteria and parasites. It also clears up the intestinal tract. Garlic can be consumed with apple cider vinegar for effective results and should be mixed with wet cat food.

  • Parsley water

Fresh parsley must be consumed by the cats to get rid of worms. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients, and it is also a deworming treatment for cats since it is adiuretic. A substance that is diuretic will allow the body to maintain the metabolism and stay healthy. Take fresh parsley leaves and put it in boiling water, give it to cats daily.

  • ​Papaya

Fresh papaya is very good for thedigestive system in cats. It provides the essential vitamins and nutrients in cat and pushes the worms from intestines and digestive tract. Mix the fruit with wet cat food and give it on an empty stomach.

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