Essential Tips For Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief

Teeth Pain Relief

As usual, those who attempt to have regular visits with their general dentists are recommended to remove their wisdom teeth as they come out. Wisdom teeth are generally referred to as the set of four teeth in total that will grow at the back of your mouth. One of the essential points that convince professional dentists to extract your wisdom teeth as soon as they erupt is that they can usually cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Also, they are considered a threatening factor that can negatively affect the health of other permanent teeth. Based on a professional dentist performing wisdom teeth extraction in Toronto, when your wisdom teeth start to cause discomfort, don’t have sufficient room to erupt, or grow at the wrong angle, you should not hesitate to have them extracted. The following items in this article are practical home remedies you can do to relieve your pain until your dental appointment to get them removed.

The Underlying Reason for Wisdom Teeth Pain

Since the eruption of wisdom teeth occurs in adulthood, lack of enough room and growing in the wrong positions are important factors that can cause many complications. Besides, pushing their way through the gum to erupt can cause unbearable pain and irritation.

Teeth Pain Relief


In such cases, all your permanent teeth have already developed, and there’s no room for wisdom teeth eruption; they will get stuck through your gum or even they don’t find a chance to come through fully. This severe condition that is so painful is called impacted teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can potentially cause several dental issues like infection, abscess, gum diseases, and cysts.

Reliving Wisdom Teeth Pain at home

As mentioned above, wisdom teeth can cause pain, aches, and irritation. Nowadays, the human diet has significantly changed, so there’s no longer a need to have wisdom teeth in your mouth. Therefore, the most appropriate method to remove your pain is to get them extracted. Experienced and dedicated dentists will ensure those patients who are afraid of tooth extraction won’t experience any pain and discomfort as they are under local anesthesia during the extraction procedures. As you wait for your dental appointment to undergo wisdom teeth removal, the following items, including medical treatments and natural home remedies, can help you control your pain straightforwardly.

Using Numbing Gel over the Affected Site: It is one of the practical methods to reduce the feeling of the gum. These gels are available in markets and drug stores all over the world. Although most of these dental gels can be applied directly over the affected site, you should follow the instructions in the products.

Using Painkillers: As everyone knows, using over-the-counter pain relief medication is the most common method to reduce pain temporarily. But the most important point that should be noted is that overusing pain killers can cause further medical issues that require complex treatment.

Applying Ice Pack: Another helpful method to reduce inflammation and relief your pain is applying an ice pack over the outer side of your cheek close to the affected site.

Rinsing with Salt Water: It is a practical way to remove build-up bacteria in the broken gum surrounding your wisdom teeth. As a result, the mild infection will be treated, and dental pain will be decreased.

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