Denture Technology Improvement and Usage

A denture is an appliance that replaces the missing tooth for those who don’t have the budget or enough qualifications to get other options like a dental implant or dental bridge.

Denture technology has evolved the life of older people who suffer from tooth loss and children and teenager who are still so young for dental implant since the other teeth and jawbone is still developing and growing. Dentures are resistant and can be removed and cleaned whenever you want. The removable quality of dentures has made them more convenient options for those who care about oral hygiene.

Longevity of Dentures

According to an experienced dental specialist providing affordable dentures in Scarborough, you can only have your dentures good dental care for a while. Dentures could get discolored or broken, and they could lose their function over time based on the materials used in them. But you must replace your old denture with a new one after 5 to 7 years.

Dentures Function

Removable dentures don’t have the same functions as prominent dentures. There is always a minor possibility that they come from your mouth as you chew or speak. Removable dentures are cheaper than non-removable dentures. Removable dentures are suited for those with a weak jawbone that cannot support the screw of a dental implant. Fixed dentures have the same function as natural teeth. In the following text, we answer some common questions of patients who volunteer to get a denture.

How Can I Recognize Whether I Need a Denture or Not?

Dentures can increase your oral health in many ways. Cosmetic dentists offer dentures for those who are not a good candidate for dental implants or don’t have strong teeth to support the dental implant. You need to use a denture if your teeth are shifting due to tooth loss or any sign of pain or periodontal disease for the missing tooth that creates a gap between your teeth. The best way to assure you whether you are an excellent candidate to use dentures is to consult your dentist about it according to your oral condition and age.

What Are The Dentures Made of?

Dentures are mostly made of acrylic and nylon. Partial dentures have some metal parts to support the stability of the denture. They are made to bring beauty and comfort at the same time.

How the Dentists Fit The Denture in Your Mouth?

After the dentist diagnose that you are a suitable candidate for using dentures, he does the required measurement and takes an impression to make the de denture. The dentist could make dentures immediately after you extract or lose your prominent teeth; for a complete denture, it is better to wait for a while since the jaw bone and gum are adjusting to the new condition of your mouth. The first version of the denture is put in your mouth, and the dentist examines whether it is fitted well. Before providing the final denture, the shape and color should be determined.


Ultimately, replacing the missing teeth with dentures, implants, or dental bridges is essential. Dentures offer a variety of types to help you choose the best one. They are made to be functional and natural as much as possible.

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