Growing Good Seeds With Oni Seed Co

Growing Good Seeds With Oni Seed Co

Some people have different interests and likes in their lives. Some are fond of growing crops and seeds in their homes. Some likes to grow a mini forest in their backyard. While there are also who finds interests in growing thousands of flowers in different kinds.

If you are one of those people, then surely having healthy seeds is a must have for you. It is not just enough to order packed seeds in market, it is better that you know how those seeds are grown and how it has been taken care of.

You wanted to grow such humble forest-like backyard, or a row full of sweet roses, then definitely you must be picky with your seeds.

Luckily, today’s blog post will be of help in finding the right seed breeders for you. Oni Seed Co will be of today’s discussion.

About Oni Seed Co 

Oni Seed Co is ran by a group of artisans, and craft cannabis breeders, growers or hash makers that raises an awareness of choosing quality seeds or plants over its quantity aspect.

The company is founded by its owners Harry Palms and Oni Noodles. Oni Seed Co, as a seed company, believes in more than just the propagation of a good genetic line, but the breeding of multiple strong lines and then narrowing those down to the only strongest, firmist, and seeds that are high in terpenes and cannabinoids. And it goes as well as giving their customers the exact growing structure that’s needed to successfully flourish during harvest.

Growing Good Seeds With Oni Seed Co

Through the years in service, Oni Seed Co has made its main aim clean medicine and generates advancement of superior genetics in the world of cannabis. With that, they have garnered two awards upon its new entrance to the competition world. Harry Palms was awarded as 2nd Place in best Non-Solvent at Chalice 2017, and as 1st place for the Highest terpene content in a Non-Solvent. Both awards were taken with the extremely flavorful strain “Strawberry Guava” which is a cross breed between Crockett’s Strawberry Banana (14er Selection and mother cut of Papaya.

Why Invest at Oni Seed Co 

There’s only one reasonable reason why you should invest at Oni Seed Co. that is because they are the only ones you can fully trust with choosing your crops or your seeds.

Their gallery of healthy plants and cannabis proves how reliable they are in giving you the exact healthy plants and seeds you need. But there’s actually more to just that…for more information you can definitely check right through

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