Massage Services 101: Myotherapy And Remedial Massage

Massage Services 101: Myotherapy And Remedial Massage

Reducing stress and boosting relaxation can be achieved with a massage. There are other several benefits that you can get from a massage, such as:

  • Relieving pain, tension, and muscle soreness
  • Enhancing circulation, alertness, and energy
  • Reducing blood pressure and heart rate

These are all obtained from massage therapy. Massage therapy can lubricate the skin with massage cbd melbourne oil and performs several massage strokes for the following benefits:

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  • warm and work muscle tissue
  • releases tension
  • breaking up muscle “knots” called adhesions

The massage promotes relaxation, can ease muscle tension and manages other health benefits. Some of you may wonder how other therapists have rightfully performed the massage. Some would say a massage has a relaxing effect while others claim the therapeutic benefits. Whatever the massage will be, still, there are health benefits to get.

Remedial massage service

A remedial massage is a harmonizing therapy that aims to treat muscle problems, such as damaged, tensed, immobilized, or knotted. Remedial massage is very useful for several problems affecting the bones, tendons, and muscles and to address some other health problems.

What age is remedial massage good for?

Massage therapy can be extremely beneficial to children in ages 8-16 due to growth spurts. At these ages, growth spurts are very common in a child’s life and result in increased pain and muscular tension.


Manual therapy called myotherapy is another type of massage that helps manage and treat pain caused by soft tissue or muscle injuries. The massage is focusing on the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of muscle problems, such as pain and associated pathologies. Myotherapy is performed by a therapist using massage CBD oil to soothe the skin while dealing treatment to the affected pain.

Myotherapy is used for:

  • treat or stop soft tissue pain
  • treat restricted joint movement

These are caused by muscle or Myofascia dysfunction.

Pregnancy massage

A pregnancy massage is a soothing and gentle massage tailored for the mother-to-be. Pregnancy massage may apply to any hands-on massage treatment for pregnant women. Using Melbourne’s massage CBD oil, the massage will be soothing and provides health benefits to the skin, and relieves and relaxes the following:

  • muscles in the back
  • shoulders
  • hips

Pregnant women who are not yet in the third trimester can lie on the back in the back’s spine position and get a short time massage on the legs, head, and feet. Don’t believe what others say about massage as not good for pregnants. Did you know that pregnant women usually experience pains in the body?

These aches and pain can be managed and treated with pregnant massage, designed for expectant mothers out there. The massage CBD oil in Melbourne has a lot of health benefits for the body, and is very safe to use.

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