The Holy Grail For Youthful Skin

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid or HA, has become a serious skincare saviour in a short space of time.

Responsible for producing a plump and hydrated look due to its anti-aging properties, it can bind 1000 times its weight in water to ensure your skin stays super supple! So it’s easy to see why it’s referred to as the holy grail of hydration. 

But what is hyaluronic acid?

A natural ingredient found in our bodies, hyaluronic acid has amazing benefits to aid elasticity and collagen. Due to exposure to elements such as sun and pollution, and the natural ageing process, our skin becomes dehydrated which creates a dry and tired looking appearance.

But that’s where Hyaluronic acid comes in to save the day. With its ability to hold so much water and stop it escaping, it also slows down the rate water evaporates from the skin to produce a more youthful appearance and that much needed elasticity. 

What are the benefits?

Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into your dermis which helps to smooth skin surface texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and promote smoothness. It also plays a vital role in the wound healing process which decreases as we age, making us more susceptible to sagging and wrinkles.

Who can use it?

Anyone! This ingredient is naturally produced in our bodies and decreases as we age or are exposed to the elements. Therefore, everyone benefits from using it as part of their skincare routine. But if you’re looking to improve the appearance of tired looking skin, hyaluronic acid will fast become a firm favourite with the great results it provides.

How do I use it?

Whether you choose a serum, cleanser, cream or tonic, hyaluronic acid can be used day or night. Compatible with all products and ingredients, you don’t have to worry about it reacting with anything. We do however recommend it’s applied directly after a face mist and before heavy creams and oils.

The Holy Grail For Youthful Skin

What’s the science?

The benefits come down to molecular weight and concentration. The molecular weight refers to its mass or how big the HA molecule is. The science says that HA between 50-1,000 kDa is the most beneficial for skin. HA concentration should be below 2%. This is due to its ability to penetrate the skin, which means a higher concentration which carries unwanted bacteria can compromise the skin. Molecular weight and concentration information can often be found on the bottles.

Which one do I choose?

If you’re new to HA, a Hyaluronic Tonic is a great item to start with – just sweep it over the skin after cleansing. Or if you prefer a cream, Splash Boost Moisture Cream is a lightweight moisturiser, perfect for everyday use.

If you’re looking for a serum, try searching for serums stating “2% Hyaluronic Acid”, which is a great addition to any routine.

For a weekly skin treat, try a Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask, which makes pampering much more fun! Not forgetting the delicate eye area, a soothing Hydrating Hyaluronic Eye Gel is ultra-cooling on dry, tired eyes.

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