Wrinkle Relaxers And All You Need To Know About Wrinkles

As we age, our skin becomes saggy and wrinkly. Sometimes, no matter what kind of products we use, it doesn’t really help, unless it is the suggestion of Dr Zacharia. Wrinkles are these creases and folds in our skin and they normally appear as the person gets older. Is there a way to smoothen them out if they are already visible? If you think that you are a hopeless case, you are wrong. Read on to know your options for a smoother, plumper, and younger-looking skin!

What Causes Wrinkles?

Most people, usually women, are not happy with wrinkles. They would spend hundreds of dollars on products just to remove them or basically do anything to delay its appearance. Many of us believe that there is no hope to bring back the plumpness of our skin, especially our face.

Usually, the first wrinkles that appear on our skin are the results of our facial expressions.  They would commonly appear in any part of our body that are more exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, but they are more prominent on the face and neck, at the back of your hands, and your arms. Here are the most common causes of wrinkles:

  • Facial Expressions. The repeated smiling, frowning, or even squinting of the eyes can cause fine lines and wrinkles even if you are young. Every time you move your facial muscles, this forms a groove underneath the skin’s surface.
  • Exposure To UV Light. Sunbathing, tanning booths, and even doing outdoor sports can increase the risks for you to develop wrinkles. That is because the UV rays will break down the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. The fibers are acting as the support of the skin and when they break, it will also cause the skin to become weaker and lose their flexibility. In return, it will droop and form wrinkles.
  • This can speed up the aging process of your skin. That is because smoking can reduce the blood supply to your skin. Aside from that, it can also dehydrate the skin. The drier the skin is, the more wrinkles appear.

Wrinkle Relaxer

Winkle Relaxer, Your Anti-Wrinkle Solution 

When it comes to wrinkle relaxers, there are three popular options: Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. If you have had enough of your forehead lines, your frown lines, and the lines on the corners of your eyes and mouth, then this might just be the answer to your problem. But these three options are different from each other. Here’s what set each one apart from the other:

  • Botox Cosmetic. This is probably the most popular option when it comes to wrinkle relaxers. It can smooth the lines on your forehead, crow’s feet area, and also the lines between your forehead. A single treatment can last you for three months, but note that the results will also vary from one patient to another.
  • An FDA-approved treatment for frown lines, especially for the ones between your eyes, forehead lines, and also your crow’s feet. The difference between Dysport from Botox is that Dysport has smaller molecules that promise faster results.
  • A bit different from the two wrinkle relaxer options above. This is also made from botulinum toxin, but is more formulated for frown lines and is not suitable for Botox or Dysport use. It also contains additives which makes it safer from antibodies resistance. 

It is time to say goodbye to these nasty lines! Now, you can enjoy smoother and youthful-looking skin with these very effective wrinkle solutions. If you are interested, then it is time to find out about your options with Dr Zacharia. Make a difference in your life and start with the nagging lines on your face.

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