Beneficial & Practical Cosmetic Solutions to Solve Various Types of Dental Discoloration

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Dental discoloration has the potential to impact the physical appearance of individuals’ smiles greatly. Even if your teeth are straight and healthy, they don’t look perfect if they look yellow because of stains and plaque that are sitting on them. According to a professional dentist applying affordable teeth whitening in Orangeville, unfortunately, dental discoloration might be experienced because of several reasons, and there are a lot of people all around the world that wish their smiles become a few shades brighter. The good news is that the color of your teeth will be effectively improved if you make dental appointments to visit an experienced cosmetic dentist and discuss all available options in cosmetic dentistry that concentrate on returning brightness to your natural teeth. If you are interested in learning more about precious cosmetic options performed to solve different types of dental discoloration, keep reading the useful tips mentioned in this essay.

Various Types of Dental Discoloration

Various Types of Dental Discoloration

Although it seems unnecessary for most people to learn the types of dental discoloration, it can greatly help you choose the correct solution because each type of dental discoloration should be solved by providing unique treatments. Therefore, if you use incorrect methods to fix your dental discoloration, they won’t work perfectly for you. Here are three different types of dental discoloration and their best treatments:

Extrinsic Teeth Discoloration: This type of dental discoloration refers to conditions that only affect the exterior parts of your teeth. Luckily, these types are treatable straightforwardly because the stains and plaque don’t penetrate the sensitive parts of your teeth that are located inside your teeth. Although patients with extrinsic dental discolorations can undergo in-office types of whitening, they will achieve pleasing results from at-home whitening products. Both methods have enough experience to make your teeth a few shades whiter; however, in-office options require less than an hour to create these fascinating results.

Intrinsic Teeth Discoloration: In contrast with exterior dental discoloration, intrinsic types require more complicated solutions because they can affect the inner sites of your permanent teeth. Traditional teeth whitening methods cannot treat severely discolored teeth; therefore, you need to use other methods like composite bonding dental veneers or dental crowns to conceal your dental discoloration. These advantages methods will provide you with numerous benefits as well as treating dental discoloration.

-Dental Discoloration Caused by Aging Process: Another common type of unavoidable dental discoloration will be experienced as you age. Over time, the outer layer of your teeth, called enamels, will be gradually destroyed, so the yellow underneath layer will become more visible. Although this is considered the natural process of individuals’ lives, some beneficial methods can minimize or even solve your conditions.

It should be mentioned that an essential type of dental discoloration will result from smoking tobacco. Generally, tobacco products can lead to other life-threatening medical issues affecting various aspects of your life. That’s why quitting this bad habit is at the top of your priorities; that can help you to stay healthy and away from yellow and brown teeth for a lifetime.

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