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The world that we live in is digital, fast paced, competitive and extremely different from what people witnessed few decades ago. Today, it is lot more about possessing great looks, presentable appearance, classy attire and being tip top at all times. However, while all this is taken care of; there are several things people tend to ignore. The most important of all is their health. There are several aspects like dieting, intensive exercising, over stress on the body that leave one with pains at the end of the day.

All about Joint pains

All about Joint pains – a major concern as it affects your movement and is very painful as well

If you are one of the silent sufferers of creaky and achy knees, hips, ankles, etc., or a prickly and quick bombardment of unbearable pain right from your shoulders to your elbow then you are one among the many facing the agony of joint pains which must never be neglected. More often such aches are believed to be arthritis or osteoarthritis, bursitis, etc. Thus, joint pain though common must be a major concern where medical attention is required.

Normally, many believe that joint pains are an integral part of aging and learning to live with it is the only alternative but this is just a myth and a false conception. Any pain for instance is a serious problem which affects your livelihood, your interaction with family and friends and also it influences your ways of handing your life. And joint pains can be easily treated with medications and other alternatives like exercises, acupuncture, etc so why bear it in silence?

Common causes of joint pain and conditions that lead to joint pains

Apart from aging some of the most common causes of joint pains also called arthralgia are injuries like the one affecting the bursae, tendons, ligaments or any surrounding joints, cartilage and even bones that are within the joint. Inflammation of the joints can also result in joint pains where conditions like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, bursitis, etc are some of the common joint inflammations causing pain. Infection and tumors of the joint which are rear can also lead to joint poin. Shoulder pain, ankle pain and knee pain are mainly caused due to pain within the joint.

Depending on the extent or duration of pain joint pain could either be acute which lasts for a few weeks or chronic that lasts for months. For both the kinds of joint pains medications, topical applications, ointments, alternative treatments, joint replacement, etc are available.

Modern lifestyle a cause of joint pain and how can it be prevented?

Obesity or overweight which is a modern lifestyle disease is known to cause many disorders including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc and joint pain is also one of them. Being overweight causes you to exert more pressure on your joints causing joint pains.

By losing weight you can significantly relieve your joint pain as the pressure exerted on the joints due to your overweight decreases. Low impact exercises which do not hurt your joints even further are wonderful means of reducing weight along with diet in fact by reducing 10 to 20 pounds many people have found instant relief from joint pain. Swimming and bicycling are believed to be the two best exercises that will allow you to exercise your joints in particular reducing your weight and in turn joint pain.

Alternative treatments for joint pains

Alternative treatments for joint pains

Exercises which were earlier believed to elevate joint pains are in fact the ones that relieve you of them. Physical activity is considered to be very essential if you suffer joint pain and osteoarthritis in particular. Walking on softer paths like dirt paths and tracks or around your apartment will help if you are old.

If you are in better shape, then, swimming, cycling, isometric and isotonic exercises are recommended which are joint strengthening exercises. Acupuncture is also believed to reduce the joint pain to a considerable extent.

Wrapping or bracing your joints can protect them and avoiding the activities that cause pain is recommended. By icing the painful joints for at least 15 minutes and several times in a day is known to relieve joint pains. Click here!

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