Reasons You Might Need Emergency Tooth Extraction

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Dental traumas and injuries are experiences that almost everyone can have. Depending on how complicated your situation is, you may need different types of procedures to save your teeth health and smile. Generally, most skilled emergency dentists are trained and educated in a way that they put all their efforts into saving your real tooth. Nobody is interested in losing their natural tooth even though there are outstanding dental replacements like dental implants to use. However, sometimes the tooth is badly damaged due to an intense dental emergency, so even the most experienced and talented emergency dentist cannot save it. In other words, as a trusted dentist working at a dental clinic for Ryerson University, “although tooth extraction is the last line of defense, it sometimes seems inevitable.” This article explains the most common reasons a dentist might recommend emergency tooth extraction to help you improve your oral health.

Cracked Tooth Under Gums: Chewing is the most important application of your teeth which is why a minor chewing problem can significantly impact your teeth structure. If your teeth don’t fit perfectly together when you bite down, it can slowly lead to tooth fractures. A fractured tooth can also result from facial damage or other dental emergencies. If you don’t notice your tooth fractured beneath the gum line, further injury and more serious dental emergencies are possible, and it needs to be extracted as soon as possible.

Reasons You Might Need Emergency Tooth Extraction

Periodontal Disease: While gingivitis can be treated with good oral hygiene and simple oral cleaning, it cannot be treated once it develops into emergency periodontitis. An infection of the gums, known as periodontitis, attacks the supporting gums and makes them recede over time. Patients with receded gums don’t have enough support for their teeth, so the chance of falling out teeth is higher for them than for patients with enough support. If you have advanced periodontitis, your emergency dentist may consider you a candidate for tooth extraction, which explains why you need to visit your dentist as soon as you notice any signs of periodontal disease to save your teeth health.

Wisdom Teeth: It is often required to extract a wisdom tooth if it is impacted. Wisdom teeth are the third molars that will erupt in your late teens to early twenties. Unfortunately, some people don’t have room in their jaws which is why they can’t keep their wisdom teeth as they push other teeth out of their way and make them crooked. If you have a toothache and notice some signs of a wisdom tooth erupting, get in touch with your emergency dentist right away to find out if you need a tooth extraction immediately.

Severely Decayed Tooth: Untreated dental plaque and tartar buildup are the main reasons for tooth decay, a prevalent dental emergency among people of different ages. A professional emergency dentist can save your decayed tooth when there is a healthier tooth structure than a decayed one. Otherwise, you need to extract the decayed tooth and replace it with alternatives like dental implants.

Having standard oral hygiene and frequent checkups with your emergency dentist can keep you away from having an emergency tooth extraction!

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