The most useful way of reducing the weight is by burning calories in the gym, most of the cardio machines will provide the details of calories burnt but all are not perfectly correct it will be just an estimate and there will be 10% of error. The calorie burnt details that is shown in your treadmill is an accurate estimate which is based on metabolic equivalents that is measured based upon amount of oxygen we used. One metabolic equivalents is almost equal to 3.5ml of oxygen consumed in your body in a minute is the amount of oxygen required during the state of rest. When burning calories, metabolic equivalents too increases which will gradually increases the oxygen rate too. Oxygen required during walking will be low when compared to the oxygen consumption during running and jogging. All cardio equipment’s works on the basis of metabolic equivalent count, it varies for each exercises as well as if you enter your weight then it will show you how much calories you should burn. The metabolic equivalents will be very accurate if you enter your age and weight than if you don’t. Gym coachers will also recommend to buy Herbal product to reduce your weight.


If people are eager in losing weight then they will be keen in noting the number of calories burnt for every cardio activity, these cardio equipment will be useful in estimating the calories burnt. If people are interested to monitor their weight loss then these equipment is a good estimate but the best estimate depends on their heart rate monitors. When trying to maximize the calories burn don’t note the estimate about the amount of calories burnt in your equipment. First decide which equipment will give you the best result and try starting your routine with that equipment and don’t care about the calories burnt. If you need to burn more calories than more workout has to be done, if any one cardio equipment doesn’t suit your workout then try with any other cardio equipment like treadmill. If nothing of these workouts are beneficial then go with the product. The best way to choose the cardio equipment is the amount of time you can able to sustain in that cardio equipment. If you are not able to sustain then change the cardio equipment. Each cardio equipment have specific calorie counters which will present in the gym so read those points and then choose the cardio equipment.

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