The Idea of 8 body type medicine

We are going to discuss an absolutely modern medical prototype or norm, that is, 8 constitution medicine. In 1965 this was introduced to the whole world by a renowned acupuncturist Dowon Kuon. Our life is dependent on maintained balance. According to research, there are many strengths and weakness in human’s life. Everybody has weak and strong organs.

There is an energetic coalition in each constitution of human life. Some are having strong livers but weaker lungs; others have strong lungs with a weak liver. Additional strong-weak pairs are stomach and bladder, pancreas & kidneys, gallbladder and large intestine. Dr.kuon called to this as- suitably unbalanced. The immunity of a human body can be optimized by keeping this state.

It is most easy to find people’s illness by recognizing weaker organs at their birth. When a person would go for his treatment, the nature of his inner organs, at the time of birth, would control his treatment.When a person’s weak organs become weaker or strong organs become stronger, his body can yield to illness.

Determining the 8 constitution medicine

The long period of study and research shows clearly that people can be considered to be born with 8 categories of body type according to each body constitution. They will have a different type of exercise, treatment and different diet. The patterns are:

  • Hepatonia which relate to the strong liver with weak lungs.
  • Cholecystotonia, relating to strong gall bladder with a weak colon.
  • Pulmotonia which relate to the weak liver with strong lungs.
  • Colonotonia which relate to weak gall bladder with strong colon.
  • Gastrotonia relating to strong stomach with a weak bladder.
  • Pancreotonia which relate weak kidneys and strong pancreas.
  • Renotonia related with weak pancreas and strong kidney.
  • Vesicotonia related with a weak stomach and a strong bladder.

The right way of men’s wellness depends upon their ailments and their food allergies. In acupuncture 8 constitution medicine can help people to develop their weakness, irritation, fatigue and eliminate pain, so they can lead a better life. To find the balance in human life is about understating their body for improvement.

For an example, one drinking a glass of milk might feel a boost of energy while other may face diarrhea in it because the simple answer is we are born different. Everybody has different preference and personalities and different fingerprints, blood types, and genes. 8 constitution medicine explains it that the constitution of our body is different due to presence of different element of human body.

Bottom line

Proper constitution of a human body is maintained when all the 10 organs are functioning properly. One feels well when all the organs are in relation with one another. To maintain easy and proper functioning it is important to lead a systematic life by following a good food habit, taking proper bath and following the right lifestyle pattern.

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